Twittering Terrorists

October 28, 2008

That was a headline of some article i didn’t pay much attention to in my iGoogle. Anyways, it provides the perfect transition to a discussion of Twitter and my failed (lack of) attempt(s) at using this blog to capture personal, daily events.

side bar: Could I have just labeled the post Twitter? Yes. But what fun would that be?

back to the main stage

So, yeah, there isn’t much to say aside from the fact that producing truly private posts is more difficult than it should be, and is not sustainable from a development standpoint.

side bar: Lily Allen is annoying me right now, so if I seem cranky, there you go.

So Twitter? Yeah, Twitter. Leo made me sign up for it the other day, and although I’m still going through the motions (honestly haven’t used it much at all), I think it’d be an interesting way of capturing daily events. The obvious gotcha being privacy, but meh. Anyways, between that, and possibly making use of the Facebook status message, I think there’s a possibility of harvesting that information for self-development purposes. I’m contemplating turning this into a larger scale project so I’m holding back on details.

I guess you came all this way for nothing. Huzzah! Disappointment…