November 09, 2008

Being as far too many days have past, and my memory/excitement only last for so long, I’ll keep this short. So Wednesday was Amazon’s Seattle All Hands Meeting, where just about everyone working in Seattle come together to get an update on the company (Q3 results, what we’re working on, etc). I probably can’t say much about it anyways, simply because it’s supposed to be confidential.

Anywho, probably the best moment of the whole thing was when Jeff Bezos pulled out the adorable gun noises Tina Fey’s Palin made on SNL (—palin-open#s-p1-st-i1) while discussing the election.

Also, Tom Cruise ended up showing up and sticking around for a short interview about randomness. He didn’t really seem overly excited to be there, but still kind of cool. The only reason he was there was because we were given free access to Valkyrie, which comes out on Christmas. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it because I had a double header that night for my basketball league (which was absolutely killer).

We were also given free tics to Bolt and Madagascar 2, but tickets went out about a half hour after the meeting so I never got to them. I might be able to scrounge some up for Madagascar 2 though… Finally, some perks for working at Amazon.

side note: by the way, I refuse to tag Leo in any future posts to prevent him from become a large tag. I can live with medium tag.