December 14, 2008

So, when I started this thing, I wanted it to be ridiculously simple so that it had a long life and would be easier to maintain. In this vain, I chose a layout that, at the time, seemed to exemplify what I was aiming for.

What I forgot was that I don’t really like simple, unless it looks pretty. So here is my attempt at pretty while staying simple.

Yes, I know it isn’t that cool right now, but what I have planned for it will add to its coolness factor. There are two enhancements that I’m planning on right now:

  1. Global theme based on header image
  2. Dynamic segments of varying opacity overlaying the header image

I’ll also try to make better use of Lifestream, because I think its an awesome way of bringing everything together where it matters.

Additionally, some issues:

  • IE6 didn’t really like this layout due to its stupid disappearing bug. I’ve hacked you, IE6.
  • IE7 refuses to put a background on bottom bar. I refuse to fight with you, IE7.
  • Firefox, Safari, Opera: thank you.