Public transit and talking to yourself

December 29, 2008

So, over the last few weeks, I’ve accumulated data in this highly unscientific study to yield the following findings:

Likeliness to talk to oneself (T2S) based on one’s mode of transportation:


So from our findings, we can safely say that metro yields the most number of T2S inflicted individuals out there. What’s weird, at least in my opinion, is that talking to one’s self generally depends on if you have anyone else to yap with, or your proximity to others (for fear of them knowing you’re crazy), but metro riders don’t support that theory.

Normalizing these numbers by those who do the talking and mode of transportation, we find even more disturbing trends:


Oddly, there seems to be no correlation between average time spent talking to self (T2S) and the crazyness level of T2S inflicted individual. However, metro riders seem to have the most viscious cases of T2S, talking to themselves more often and at a higher degree of crazyness.

Conclusion: Metro riders are more at risk for being inflicted with T2S, the reasons for which are too complex to be understood.

Science. At work.