I Hate Seattle

January 06, 2009

Seattle, I hate you.

You refuse to use salt? You are to clearing snow what Britney Spears is to parenting. But, although she may neglect and occasionally drop her children, the kids have a Kevin Federline to publicly appear to care for them. That’s right Seattle, things have gotten so bad you need a grossly underachieving and exceptionally horrific white rapper to lower your self-image enough only to remind you of your own absurd stupidity.

You’re scared of environmentalists getting on your case for polluting the Sound? Grow a pair. Rod Blagojevich could probably curse out little children on national television and get away with it. To tell you the truth he probably already has, but it just doesn’t get enough airplay because of all the other things he’s done without regard to others. With that kind of commitment to idiocy, you should be joining Tony Blair in accepting the Medal of Freedom for blindly following a coalition of the moronic.

I’m done. And am going to sleep.