Do you walk in circles while thinking?

January 29, 2009

Anyone who grew up watching DuckTales remembers Uncle Scrooge walking in circles, slowly digging a small circular trench.

I don’t do that.

What I do, however, is walk in circles, pace around, jump in place, and other similar actions, whenever I’m actively thinking. I’ve always recognized this, but never tried to understand it. My current theory is that for thoughts that are open and not well defined, the said activities help to clear up my thought process. For actual details and implementation, sitting down is still my preferred method of choice, probably because prancing about requires some brain power so you don’t trip and fall. The obvious hope is that this realization helps me think more efficiently by letting me identify what I should be doing in different situations.

My other wish is that my efficiency will lead to a day when I can create those circular trenches and have a portrait drawn with my cane and me standing on a few spare gold bars.