Why you shouldn't use ExtJS

January 30, 2009

A few months ago I began to resurrect my web development projects, and came across a use case for a highly involved web UI, and thought it simplest, and best, to just write it most in JavaScript. I began using ExtJS early in 2008 and quickly fell in love.

Why? A terrific project that made the best of OO features in JavaScript, and allowed you to develop a functional and pretty application (stress intended) within hours.

So, when presented with the task of writing another application in JavaScript, I immediately went over to ExtJS to download the source and hack away. Unfortunately, I happened to notice the license update. While I remembered the library being free for noncomerical use, I wasn’t expecting what I received.

GPL? GPL!!?!!?

I won’t go into details, as my frustration is most exemplified here.

All I have to say is: way to kill a tremendous project. The people make the product, and I’m afraid ExtJS will lose too many good people.

Unfortunately, back to basics with YUI.