Why am I so awesome? Homemade Oreos!!

March 23, 2009

The last two weeks the boorish marketing folks at Safeway have refused to put my beloved Oreos on sale. (I’ve had to settle for buying Chips Ahoy… Chips Ahoy!!) While my unabashed devotion to said cookies is eternal, I draw a line at $4 a pack.

So how do I subsist sans Oreos? It’s a trick question; I can’t live without them, so I must replicate them.

With the assistance of foodisluv, that’s what I did:

sdc12103 300x225

sdc12124 300x225

The cookies were obviously cakeier and larger, but while incredibly delicious in their own right, they are not Oreos: their Milk Dunkability Score (MDS) is quite low.