Lazy Sunday

December 21, 2008

While I have no intention of matching the popular and celebrated digital short, the title did feel appropraite due to this in fact being a lazy Sunday, along with the fact that I watched the latest Narnia movie last night.

Things that have since come to my attention:

  • The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe was aptly named (considering there was a lion, a witch, and a wardrobe… hey, it took me a while, lay off…)
  • Noble mice are fairly annoying
  • How could NONE of the Narnian’s not know where Aslan was? I mean:

    1. Its been a few hundred years
    2. I don’t believe Narnia to be an infinite land
    3. Shouldn’t Aslan care about what’s happened? And if he could stop it with all his magical powers (standing in one place for five minutes), why didn’t he before?

Come on…

Other observations:

  • Don’t get me started on Kung Fu Panda…: how unrealistic can you get?
  • Building a power efficient and cool htpc for less than $500 is difficult: And either way, it won’t end up being a Mac Mini
  • I’m debt free!: and now poor
  • This: Gotta love the inability to deal with semi-frozen water
  • I haven’t left my apartment in four days and am running out of food: i hate snow. i hate oncall. i hate pagers. i hate you. (no, i don’t hate you, unless you’re on my list, but it was the logical progression)