What sounds do goats make?

February 21, 2009

A friend, that won’t be named, was frustrated with the question of what sound a goat made. Being the amazing and knowledgeable person that I am, I figured who better to provide some answers to this mystery?

So I set out provide Nilofer- oops, I mean my friend- some insight with only google at my disposal. I also realized there was context to my friend’s question:

  1. She was unaware that sheep and lambs were the same animal: so she probably would believe anything I said
  2. By “sound” she meant the human manufactured sounds attributed to animals as we grow up: so basically, don’t take this too seriously

So after journeying for a long and terrifying 10s through the interweb, I came across my answer: While the noises between sheep and goats are distinguishable by an experienced ear, goats also make a “baaa” sound in addition to a “maaa” sound. Goats also tend to be slightly higher pitched.

All this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise as goats and sheep are closely related species, outside of number of chromosomes, stomachs, horns, etc… See chimeras.

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